Perspektywa Film Studio

(Studio Filmowe Perspektywa)
   Founded in 1978, Perspektywa belongs to a group of the most prominent Polish film studios. Managed from its origins by Janusz Morgenstern, one of the leading representatives of the Polish School generation, the studio has produced numerous films of different genres, among them works by Andrzej Wajda, Piotr Szulkin, Janusz Zaorski, Witold Leszczyński, Janusz Majewski, and Feliks Falk. The list of Perspektywa's productions include several classic Polish films, such as Teddy Bear (1981, Stanisław Bareja), Ko-nopielka (1982, Leszczyński), and Korczak (1990, Wajda). The studio has also been very successful in recent years producing, among others, films by Olaf Lubaszenko and several television films in the popular and critically acclaimed sequence Polish Holidays (Święta polskie). In 2005 the studio also produced the winner of the Festival of Polish Films, The Debt Collector, directed by Feliks Falk.
   Historical Dictionary of Polish Cinema by Marek Haltof

Guide to cinema. . 2011.

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